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Introdution - First of all, let us start by saying that we have nothing against bars, we visit them ourselves, and we owe them a great debt for helping to jumpstart the GLBT community and civil rights. We aren't a dating site or a [how can we say it politely...] "very short term relationship finder." We have nothing against these either, it's just not our niche.

To help fully explain our goals and what we are about, we ask that you indulge us for a moment by considering the following:

Changing GLBT Demographics - In the 1980's and early 1990's, just about every large city in America had a "gay area" of bars, shops, and most GLBT people could afford to live in the "gay area" of town. Often GLBT people revitalized what were run down, undesirable areas of the 1970's. Over the last 10 years or so, the urban renewel brought on by the GLBT people has backfired of sorts... Gay areas have turned into high dollar neighborhoods that most GLBT people simply cannot afford to live in - especially younger people. The bars and GLBT businesses are still there, with most people way out in the suburbs driving in on Friday and Saturday nights.

Picture of Sphinx Picture of Muscle Guy Many Medium Sized Cities (and Most Small Cities) don't have a Gay Area -Many medium and small cities simply don't have a gay area, and others only have one or two small gay bars. Most small cities don't have a gay anything.

GLBT People are Everywhere (The Power of 10%) - Most studies place the GLBT population around 10% across all racial, social, ethnic, and economic boundaries. Please consider a rural county out in the boonies with a population of 50,000 people. Say it's a three hours drive from the nearest "gay area" of a medium or large city. If the 10% figure hold true, that puts its GLBT population around 5,000 people. That's not enough to support a gay area, but it's enough to support small group local events like a weekly GLBT coffee shop night.

Traditional Outlets have Very Limited Hours - Traditional GLBT outlets tend to only be busy on Friday and Saturday nights between 11pm and 2am. These are very limited hours that exclude many GLBT people. The limited hours tend to discourage people who have to drive long distances from making the trek, especially if they have to get a hotel room. Any for some who live in "gay areas," even though the traditional outlets are close, the hours are just not convenient.

Picture of Academic Book and Glasses Picture of Pool Balls in Rack Many GLBT Events are Overly Done - It seems like a lot of us tend to over-do events... committees, meetings, arguments, budgets, etc. Often times we forget what the event is about due to getting bogged down in these things. If more GLBT events were lower overhead and less formal, probably more people would attend.

Recent Success From Local Bulletin Boards - Over the last couple of years, there have been several successful local bulletin boards web sites for GLBT people living in medium and small cities and suburban areas of major cities. These web sites tend to feature simpler, lower overhead, easy to attend events in the local area.

Conclusion - Based on these reasons, we decided to try to emulate what the local bulletin boards are doing, but on a nation-wide basis, serving all US Zip Codes, no matter how large or small. We also want to provide an outlet for "keep it simple" events, with little or no planning involved. Our belief is that more GLBT people will host or attend events if events are close by home and not bogged down in planning, committees, etc.

Picture of Foot Long Hot Dog Sign at County Fair Picture of Indy Style Race Car Our Vision - Our Vision is that a GLBT person will be able to come here, type in a zip code, and find some local events to attend. Or better yet, come here and post an simple event that they are willing to host.
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