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Picture of Theatrical Comedy Picture of Theatrical Tragedy Here are some examples of the types of listing that we envison for this site. As we see new good examples, we will add them here:

Meeting informally every Tuesday evening at a local coffee shop.

Meeting informally once a week to see a movie and discuss afterwards over coffee.

A weekly bicycle ride.

Hosting a poker night with a $5 or $10 "buy-in" going to a charity.

Start a book reading club to read a book together on a schedule and meet once a week to discuss.

Picture of Juke Box Picture of Grand Piano You attend a small college that doesn't have a GLBT group and want to start an informal one.

You are in high school and want to start an informal group.

You are an established sports team (soccer, volleyball, hockey, rugby, flag football, etc.) and just want other GLBT people to know you are available and always looking for new members to join up.

Find other people who like a particular TV show and meet to watch it.

Buy a season pass to a local theme park and meet others with season passes to go with.

Picture of Amateur Wrestling Picture of Rock Climbing Start an aspiring actors group to get together once a week to practice acting out scenes from plays.

You are a skateboarder who is looking for more skateboarders.

You are a martial artist who is looking for other martial artists to practice with.

You are a couple (or single) who is looking for other couples (and singles) to take turns cooking dinner one or two night a week.

You are "partnered with children" and are looking to start a child care group where each couple keeps the children one night a week freeing up the others for a night on the town once a week.

Picture of Guy Skateboarding Picture of Guy Jumping in Track Meet You play chess and are looking for more chess players or to start a chess club.

Find other motorcyclists for periodic rides.

You are a hockey player looking for other hockey players to go to pickup games with and possibly start a team.

You are a figure skater looking for a skating partners.

You are looking for a workout partner that is able to go to your gym at the times you can make it.

You are hoping to adopt a child and want to start a group of other people who have adopted or also want to adopt to share information on the process.

Picture of Ballet Picture of Camera You are a runner looking for a running partner.

You are a chocoholic and want to start a group where you get together and everyone brings a chocolate entree.

You want to make a low budget, independant GLTB film and need to find actors to perform in the film.

You are a kayaker who is looking for other kayakers.

You are a poet who is looking to start a "poetry night" where poets can get together and share their artistry.

You would like to start a weekly card game (bridge, hearts, etc.).

You are an artistic painter who wants to meet other painters.

You want to do something exotic like take a hot air balloon ride and are looking for other people to go along and share the cost.

Picture of Chocolates in Tray Picture of Croquet Set You are a beer lover who wants to start a beer tasting club.

You want to purchase season tickets to the opera/theatre/etc and want to find others who want to go as a group.

You like sushi and none of your friends do, so you want to meet some people to eat out at different sushi restraunts with.

You like fishing and are looking for fishing buddies.

You like playing racquetball and are looking for other racquetball players.

Picture of Fair Ride Picture of Two Men on Circus Trapeze You would like to start a weekly board game night (backgamon, scrabble, etc.).

You are a wine lover who wants to start a wine tasting club.

You are a sports fan and want to purchase a season ticket for a local sport and would like to find other people to go in on season tickets as a group.

You love antiques and want to find others to go antiquing with.

Picture of Hang Glider Flying Picture of Road Bicycle You are a guitar player looking to start or join a band to play with.

You are a wrestler looking for wrestling partners.

You are into indoor rock climbing at a local climbing gym and are looking for climbing partners.
Picture of Volleyball Game Picture of Fishing Equipment

Picture of Rodeo Cowboy Riding Bronc Picture of Amateur Wrestling

Picture of Ice Hockey, Air Hockey on Cheque

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