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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Picture of Campsite Here is a list of frequently asked questions. We will continue to add to these questions as time goes on.

I don't like the size of the print on the web sites. It's too big/small. Can I change it?
Yes. Unlike most sites, we designed the web site to use print that obeys the industry standards so you can change its size in your browser. For Internet Explorer, on the menu bar, click on "View" and then on "Text Size." A menu on the right will allow you to set it to one of the following: Smallest, Small, Medium, Large, or Largest. It defaults to Medium. You may also notice that this method has the added advantage that text "floats," that is, no matter what size you make your browser, it will fill in the blank spots to maximize your viewing area. For this reason, you should consider maximizing your browser when viewing this web site.

Picture of La Cross Why do you use black on white instead of colorful graphic print?
University level research on human factors in computing has shown users find colorful graphics appealing at first, but find reading black on white much more comfortable. Also, when users are given the exact same material in colors versus black on white, they retain 30 to 50% more when it's black on white. The theory is that since we learn to read using black on white, we are conditioned to learn more with black on white.

Is membership really free?
Yes, membership is really free. The web site is privately funded by a group of gay men who believe in its mission. Costs covered include advertising fees, web servers, bandwidth, and programmer's fees.

Picture of Racquetball Equipment Do you plan on having advertisements on this web site?
No. We plan on keeping this web site community style, without advertisements.

Will you accept donations?
Presently, No. However in the future we may accept voluntary small donations to help us grow this web site by increasing our advertising, web servers, bandwidth, and programmer's fees. The web site will remain free and will never require any donations to use it.

Picture of White Water Kayaking If you don't accept donations, are there other ways I can help?
Yes. Here are several good ways to help at little or no cost to you:
1) Tell your friends,
2) Link to from your own web pages and groups to increase our ranking on search engines,
3) Write the editors of GLBT newspapers and magazines and ask them to write a story about us. For this it really helps if you are willing to be interviewed personally for a story,
4) Ask to put up flyers at local gay businesses (probably not at bars though),
5) Consider printing cheap business cards on your laser printer with on them and hand them out at large gay events.

Picture of Hot Air Balloon Is the Society a non-profit?
Yes and No. This web site will never make a profit, however, it is not registered with the IRS as a non-profit. This registeration process takes thousands of dollars and several years to complete. At some point in the future we may pursue this, but currently it's cost prohibitive.

On your input forms, some boxes are white and some are yellow, and it appears to be random. What's up this this? Is it a bug in your web site?
This is a bug with the Google tool bar for Internet Explorer. The field and form still work. It's a cosmetic problem that some are randomly yellow instead of white. To disable this, on the Google tool bar, click on options. A dialog box will come up. Under the section "Productivity," click on the button labeled "AutoFill Settings..." Another dialog box will come up. In the lower right corner, under the heading "Highlight", uncheck the check box. Click OK on the dialog box and it will save and disappear. On the remaining dialog box, click OK and it will save settings and diappear.

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