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Picture of Two Guys Playing Basketball Picture of Fancy Coffee Shop Coffee Something Besides Bars - a free, community style, bulletin board web site for gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual people who are looking for events in their local area. Free to post events. Free to search events. Serving all US Zip Codes from large to small. We do not have any ads on this web site.

We have nothing against bars, we visit them ourselves, and we owe them a great debt for helping to jumpstart the GLBT community and civil rights.

We aren't a dating site or a [how can we say it politely...] "very short term relationship finder." We have nothing against these either, it's just not our niche for this web site.

Picture of Chess Picture of Artist Pallete We are trying to provide a free web site where GLBT people can list and search for events in their local areas. The changing GLBT demographics are such that many GLBT people don't live near the traditional gay areas or bars. Also, some people who do live near the bars are looking for events other than late night weekends. There are local web sites that have been very successful with this concept -- we are trying to take this concept and make it available nationwide to every zip code!

Please check out the background link and the examples link at the left for a more detailed explanation.

And thanks for stopping by and visting -- we appreciate it!

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